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maintain key control IN YOUR BUSINESS WITH EXOLOCK, INC.

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At Exolock, Inc. we offer key and card access control of various degrees of security

Restricted or high security systems may save your business time and money as well as offering the correct level of security you require. With restricted or high security systems, only the authorized personnel has the ability of acquiring duplicate keys at Exolock, Inc.


Exolock, Inc. has a large variety of used and new safes for your business. We deliver and install (Bolt Down) safes if requested by our customers.


Exolock, Inc. can create a master key system for your business to help maintain key control.

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We have a large variety of Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 locksets.

Grade  1

Required for most industrial and government use. Recommended for use in high traffic and high security purpose.


Grade 2

Recommended for use on residential housing as well as interior light commercial applications.


Grade  3

Residential use. Low security requirement areas.



These locksets are available in knob or lever and in a variety of functions depending on your security requirements. Lever sets with “clutch feature” helps prevent vandalism. The clutch feature permits the outside lever to move freely even when locked but will not retract the latch unless it is unlocked.

 List of functions:

  • Entrance/office

    Key in knob outside, turn button inside. Locks or unlocks both knobs. Turning inside button keeps outside knob locked. Key will retract.

  • Storeroom

    Latch by inside knob. Outside knob always rigid. Key will retract latch.

  • Classroom

    Latch by knob either side except when key locks outside knob. Key will unlock knob.

  • Passage

    Knob or lever on both sides. Non locking.

  • Privacy

    Latch by knob either side except when inside pushbutton locks outside knob. Unlocked by turning inside knob closing door or turning outside emergency slot.

  • Public entry

    Double cylinder: Latch by knob either side except when outside knob is locked by inside key. Outside key will retract latch.

  • Communicating

    Double cylinder: Latch by knob. Either side except when locks its own knob.

  • Asylum

    Double cylinder: Both sides always rigid – Key in either knob will retract latch.

  • Dummy

    No latch. Levels of security: 1. Common 2. Restricted 3. High Security Fire Law Requires • Business doors to open outwards • Emergency exit devises on rear doors List different types: 1. Alarm 2. Push Paddle

Exolock inventory control

For Inventory Control

Fire exits only, alarm will sound when door opens. Requires key to disable alarm. Alarms only W/out Exit device.

exolock depository safe

Depository Safes (New and Used)

We sell and install (Bolt to ground or walls) a variety of depository safe in all sizes and with different functions. Some safes are equipped with more than one depository drop and require one or two persons in order to gain access.

exolock multiperson

Options for Multi-Person requirements:

  • 2 Combinations Locks
  • 1 combination Lock and 1 key lock
  • 1 multi-function electronic safe lock (LeGard, Sergeant & Greenleaf, Etc.)

Stop by our Show Room or call us if you have any questions about any type of hardware your business may require. The list of door hardware your business may require. The list of door hardware available at Exolock, Inc. From door closers, door viewers, kick plates, push plates, pull plates, anti-theft rings, doorstops, door holders, latch protectors, strike plates.